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We’ve had a good year with our artist directory for figurative artists.

Since January, we’ve had 385,000 page views! Visits averaged 3 1/2 minutes with nearly 8 pages visited and a fantastic bounce rate of 1.25%. That’s really really good!


How to get found as an artist? As a figurative artist with a focus on the human form? Get listed in arelevant artist registry, artist directory that features the kind of company you’d like to be seen with.

Tricia_Cline_c4 sets the bar high and is very clear about it’s place in the art world. Although many of our nearly 1000 artists work in many other genres such as landscape, still life or animals, it’s their dedication to include artworks about people that bring them together under this umbrella.

We offer three levels of representation and exposure. Check out the options here.


Artists like Blake Ward, above, give us glowing testimonials about the traffic they get from our artist registry and the supportive and respectful connection they have with Paula O’Brien, mistress of the database and website.


If ever I get to travel to a new corner of the world, I check out who lives nearby and blog about our studio visits. Sometimes I even get to stay overnight, what a treat that was with Clint Brown on our recent Oregon trip. Thanks Clint and Cheryl!


Get in touch, come and join us. We can help bring traffic to see your wonderful artwork about people, bodies, anatomy, whatever you’re working on that features people. Our artists work in every medium and all speak with their own distinct voices.

Let us help you share your vision with the audience looking for figurative art.


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